AHS Mask Mandates

On Oct 12 2023, Alberta Health Services (AHS) mandated stricter masks rules in hospitals.

Masks do not work.

The fact that AHS is trying to push mandates again shows that a hostile and communist ideology has taken over our healthcare system and is defying the democratic will of the people..

These people are unelected bureaucrats, not democratically accountable representatives. Those in power now should be removed and their successors should have significantly less power. 

The UCP government has publicly committed to decentralizing AHS. 

We know, that in order for these changes to be made, Albertans need to be engaged in our political system. So its made abundantly clear to our politicians, what needs to be done.

Remember, they work for us!

That's why TBA exists, to educate and empower citizens to get involved.

We're going to send, literally thousands of, delegates to the UCPs annual general meeting next month to do exactly that. There almost certainly will be many votes on policies related to health. It's vital that we don't leave it to political insiders to run this convention. 

There's a lot of meetings and logistics that will go into the execution of this campaign. We need your support!

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  • George Edmund
    published this page in News 2023-10-16 08:40:29 -0700