Albertans are saying NO

Friends, I like to be the bearer of good news. And today I have an encouraging piece of information to share.

We've been reporting on the relentless efforts of AHS to force masks on people and scare them to take boosters. 

These are the bureaucrats who want to control peoples lives with draconian measures and fear mongering. 

Albertans are saying NO. 


Less than 6,000 Albertans have received a dose of the new COVID shot since it's been made available in September. That's less than 0.3% of the population.

This is a remarkable turn, people are taking responsibility for their health and not being bullied into caving into AHS directives.

It can't stop there though.

People need to be politically engaged, or the same minority of bureaucrats and political elites will keep making the wrong decisions.

Thousands of Albertans are saying no, and are showing up to the UCP AGM meeting next month. 

Take Back Alberta is hosting meetings all across the province, so people can learn more about why they need to show up

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