A Few Highlights from 2023 UCP AGM

David Parker, Founder and Executive Director of TBA

I hope you had a good weekend. I know many thousands of you were with me in Calgary this weekend, at the United Conservative Party Annual General Meeting.

To say this AGM was sign of a pivotal shift in our Province's democratic culture is an understatement.

The previous AGM following an UCP victory (under Jason Kenney) had 1500 attendees, this AGM had far more than double that, with nearly 3800 attendees. 

This was the largest paid conservative gathering in Canadian history.

It was far more than the same group of political insiders that decided to attend, and the results of this meeting are a testament to that fact.

Because thousands of freedom minded Albertans "showed up".

1) We elected a full slate of principled freedom minded UCP Board members. Men and women who came to our meetings because they want to represent you.

2) Policy resolutions were adopted "to protect and individual's right to privacy and confidentiality of their health care information".

3) and a resolution to "Protect an individual's right to free expression".

4) and "Protect a medical practitioner's right to research, speak and write; and protect Medical Doctors and all healthcare professionals from having their licenses to practice threatened for publicly expressing professional medical opinions in any public setting."

5) and "Protect an individual's right to informed consent decisions regarding their own body".

6) Finally, Premier Danielle Smith received a standing ovation at the AGM when she said parents are the primary caregivers and will be respected as such. 

These are just a few highlights of the results from this convention. 

There were a lot of other victories accomplished this weekend. The key takeaway is that we're truly in the midst a new age of democracy in the province of Alberta. 

We will be the shining city on the hill, no matter how dark it gets across the world. 

I am proud to be in the trenches with all of you!

Thank you for showing up, and thank you for supporting the mission of Take Back Alberta. 

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