Conservative Party Leader, Pierre Poilievre, speaks on Bill in House of Commons to ban future Vaccine Mandates

From Hansard (the transcript for debates in the House of Commons) / You can read the full transcript here

Yesterday, a Conservative Bill (C-278) was debated in the House of Commons. This Bill, if passed, would ensure the federal government could not impose another shot mandate. Obviously, Trudeau's Liberals will not support this Bill. So its unclear if it will pass before the next election. Even if it doesn't get passed this time, it's important that our elected representatives are debating these issues, lest anyone forget. 

Conservative Members of Parliament have been supportive of this Bill. The Leader of the Party, Pierre Poilievre not only spoke in depth about why its important, yesterday; but has been adamant since running for leader of the Party to ensure Canadians freedoms wont be jeopardized again under a vaccine mandate regime again.

Here are a few key quotes from his speech yesterday

"Mr. Speaker, as I said at the outset, I am running for prime minister to put Canadians back in control of their lives by making Canada the freest nation on earth. That freedom includes bodily autonomy, the freedom to decide what people put in their own bodies. That is why I was proud to introduce a private member's bill in the House of Commons that would put an end to COVID mandates in all of the federal sector. I want to thank the hon. member for Niagara West for having adopted my private member's bill so we can move it forward even faster."


    "The Prime Minister has withdrawn and apologized for some of the extremely incendiary and divisive comments he made about Canadians who made different medical decisions than he would have made. Adopting this bill would be a recognition that this ugly chapter in our history of turning Canadian against Canadian and using a public health matter to pull apart our country and grab more power is permanently behind us.

    Let us recognize that Canadians have freedom of choice over what they put into their bodies. Let us adopt this legislation. Let us restore personal freedom. Let us give Canadians back control of their lives in the freest nation on earth."

These are very encouraging words to hear from the man, whom many of us expect could be our next Prime Minister. 

Obviously, at TBA we don't believe that we should wait for nor expect politicians to save us from the mess we got ourselves into. 

It's up to us to hold their feet to the fire, to make sure they make good of their promises. 

Stay vocal, stay involved. 

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