The Age of Democracy

David Parker, Founder and Executive Director of Take Back Alberta

This weekend begins a new age in Alberta.

The Age of Democracy.

After this AGM, the grassroots of the UCP will be in charge.

Those who do not listen to the grassroots or attempt to thwart their involvement in the decision making process, will be removed from power.

This is only possible because thousands of Albertans have gotten behind the vision of Take Back Alberta and have decided to "show up".

This is how we were able to force Jason Kenney to resign.

It's how we got a Premier who better represents the direction we want the Province to go in.

It's how we stopped the NDP from taking over the provincial government again, with their fear mongering and tactics of manipulation.

And now its how the UCP AGM is no longer just a small gathering of political insiders.

What we are doing works!

Better yet, we're just getting started. 

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